Sharpen Your Skills + Learn New Ones = Altogether Better

Sharpen Your Skills
+ Learn New Ones = Altogether Better

Learning & professional development

Ours is a dynamic, fast-paced environment where change happens every day.

We ensure our people stay abreast of the pace of change by not only maintaining their skill set but also driving their development. To do this, we have a structured programme of learning in place which everyone is invited to take part in to realise their potential. This includes:

  • Taking part in the annual appraisal process
  • Agreeing own professional and performance objectives
  • Ensuring compliance with mandatory training and updates
  • Participating in supporting and training new staff and colleagues
  • Actively promoting the work place as a learning environment
  • Encouraging everyone to learn from each other and external good practice
  • Regularly attending training and development programmes
  • Support with professional revalidation for nurses and GPs
  • Provision of Clinical Study Days for the purpose of continuing professional study days

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