Bring Care to Life + Learn New Skills = Altogether Better

Bring Care
to Life
+ Learn
New Skills = Altogether Better

Mobile Care Response

Our Mobile Carers often don’t start out with professional or relevant experience. What they do bring is a caring approach and the ability to stay calm under pressure. We give them everything else they need to succeed.

Because our Telecare Alarm Monitoring Service is fully integrated with our 24/7 clinically focused Single Point of Access (known as Access to Care), we can provide the right response, including access to clinical advice, when a Telecare alarm is activated.

Plus, wherever we need to, our highly trained Mobile Carers can visit the customer at home to provide reassurance, assistance and assess if further help is needed. Our Mobile Carers aren’t qualified nurses or paramedics, but they are supported by a clinical team and can work with emergency services as needed.

All our Mobile Carers receive training in every aspect of general social care and the specialist equipment needed to assist people who have fallen.

There is also plenty of opportunity for career progression with roles for Senior Responders and Team Leads.

Mobile Care Response roles include