Where we’re going + how we’ll get there = Altogether Better

Where we’re going +
how we’ll get there = Altogether Better

Our vision & values

We can only achieve amazing things by working together and staying focused on our objectives. So we have carefully shaped our vision and values around where we want to get to and how we’re going to get there. These set out our aims and how we can achieve them.

What you can be sure of is that we’ll continue to evolve in line with the needs of the population we serve and innovate by investing in the resources and technology that help us to work even better.

Our vision

Medvivo’s vision is to achieve excellence in the delivery of care. This is achieved through the provision of person-centred health and care services which are:

  • Of the highest quality
  • Supported by innovative, evidence-based, cost effective technology
  • Accessible, consistent and responsive
  • Delivered as close to home as is clinically appropriate
  • Tailored to meet individual need
  • Championed by well qualified, motivated and professional staff

The Medvivo Values

Medvivo is part of the wider HealthHero Group. As part of that wider business community, we have adopted the HealthHero values (SOAR) which guide the company belief that "by simplifying healthcare, we can improve billions of lives":


  • We look for ways to remove complexity and make life easier for our patients, clients and colleagues.
  • We create clarity so we can focus on what is critical and don’t get side-tracked by things that don’t add value.
  • We aim to work smarter, not harder to try to find practical, sensible solutions.


  • We take accountability, honour our commitments and get things done, with a focus on outcomes.
  • We are proactive and find ways to remove barriers in order to achieve our goals.
  • We take initiative to propose solutions for issues or concerns that impact patients, clients or colleagues.


  • We aim high and take pride in our work – delivering the best in whatever we do and focusing on results.
  • We are ambitious to create impact as a company and be a trailblazer in digital telehealth.
  • We strive to create a great place to work and give people opportunities to grow and develop. 


  • We value diverse talent, experiences and perspectives and create an environment where people can be themselves.
  • We look out for one another and are committed to creating a friendly and supportive environment.
  • We show empathy and understanding to patients, clients and colleagues.
  • We trust and empower our people to do the right thing.

Together, we SOAR.

Latest jobs

Don’t see anything here? You might not see what you are looking for on this listing, however roles at Medvivo do come up frequently. Please send your CV to to be considered for future roles.